We are pleased to announce that Townhill Church will be open* for worship on Sunday 4th October at 11.30 am.

Thereafter, worship will take place in Townhill Church every 2nd Sunday until further notice (18th October, 1st November, 15th November, 29th November).


*Please note that due to the current Covid-19 situation, numbers are restricted, face masks/coverings must be worn, social distancing must be maintained and your name and a contact number will be taken for ‘Test and Protect’.

Sunday's service is here   ⬇️ Genesis 37 & 50 Joseph and his brothers 

This is the Communion set mentioned in the service above. Repaired and made beautiful with gold. With thanks to Rev Dan Harper.

We are delighted to present our first online Messy Church with our Messy leader Forbes and our minister Jean. There are crafts, a story and a prayer contained within. Please share with any little ones you know and let us know how you get on.

From Sunday 13th September until Christmas, we will be working our way through the entire Old Testament. Reading through the Bible in this way means that we take huge strides from one story to the next. If you would like to find out what happens between these stories, you can follow the plans below.  Plan A contains shorter readings, while plan B is for anyone who wants to read a bit further. You can also mix and match according to how much time you have. Each week a new list will be published here.


You can make a donation to the work of Dunfermline Townhill and Kingseat using this link. With grateful thanks.                                             https://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/news-and-events/news/2020/support-your-local-church-with-our-new-online-donations-system

Our Mission Statement

Townhill & Kingseat Parish Church seeks to proclaim the grace and mercy of God through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. We also seek to share His amazing grace and love within our Church, and by reaching out into the wider communities.


Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is continually to:

  • Be open in our approach to worship, seeking to ensure that it is relevant to all generations.
  • Live as God's community, caring for one another and serving those in need.
  • Grow in our relationship with God as we meet, pray and study the Bible together, encouraging one another in using their God given gifts and talents.
  • Provide a spiritual home where all are welcome.
  • Engage with the wider community, reaching out to them with the message of Jesus Christ.

Prayer for today

O Lord God,

Hear our confessions,

for we are discouraged, in the depth of this pandemic.

Our dreams, and plans, have come to nothing.

We have become really good at complaining, and even better at worrying;

and we are prone to questioning your goodness, and your power to make things right.

Assure us O Lord, of your presence with us;

and of your forgiveness.

Encourage us to keep on believing,

and open our eyes to see your presence around us.

We praise you for you are faithful God,

who gave us Jesus Christ our Lord.


Thought for the day          (reflecting on Genesis 50:20) We cannot see the whole story until it is done. Seven months into a pandemic we are weary of it all, tired of the restrictions; but one day we will look back it and we will see God’s hand upon it all. Not that God caused this pandemic, but that God is able to take a terrible situation and use it for good.

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