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Sunday service for 9th May

This service was recorded in Townhill Church. The reading is from Galatians 1 & 2 and the sermon is on being made right with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Sunday service 2nd May

This service was recorded in Kingseat Church. The reading is from Acts 15 and the sermon is on God's willingness to work through church meetings.

Messy Church April 2021

This month’s Messy Church video is here! It has two crafts, a prayer and a Bible story for young children, and it’s designed so you can stop and start whenever you need to.


Our Mission Statement

Townhill & Kingseat Parish Church seeks to proclaim the grace and mercy of God through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. We also seek to share His amazing grace and love within our Church, and by reaching out into the wider communities.


Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is continually to:

  • Be open in our approach to worship, seeking to ensure that it is relevant to all generations.
  • Live as God's community, caring for one another and serving those in need.
  • Grow in our relationship with God as we meet, pray and study the Bible together, encouraging one another in using their God given gifts and talents.
  • Provide a spiritual home where all are welcome.
  • Engage with the wider community, reaching out to them with the message of Jesus Christ.

Sunday services 

Kingseat 9.45 am weekly

Townhill 11.30 am weekly


All welcome!


Numbers are limited in each building and you must wear a face covering unless exempt.

Prayer for today

Merciful God,

we pray for our world

in which there is so much division,

hatred and violence.

We pray for the people and places in this world,

especially where the community you identify with means that you are at war with others, or targeted by others;

those others who are, in reality, just like you.

We pray, bring your peace to these places, and to all people.

By the power of your Holy Spirit,

bring an end to division, hatred and violence,

in Jesus' name. Amen.

Thought for this week from Galatians 1 & 2


Paul, in his letter to the Galatians,

is convinced that

no one is righteous before God.

Nothing we can do can make us right with God - 

not keeping the Law,

not being a good person,

not serving the church as elder or minister,

not washing the floors and cleaning the toilets in the church hall,

not helping the poor,

not bringing thousands of people to Jesus. 

None of this makes us right with God because it cannot.


 We are sinners. 

Each of us. 

And like the tax collector in the parable of Jesus (Luke 18), 

we can only throw ourselves on the mercy of God.


We are only made right with God, 

we only find justification, 

through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Or perhaps more accurately we are justified

 through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ.


For there is a danger 

that we turn belief into a work, 

so that we claim that we are justified through our own ability to have faith. 


Except that even the faith we have is a gift from God. 

We are not justified before God by believing the right thing. 

Not by being a Christian, 

not by saying a believers prayer. 

not by committing ourselves to follow Christ. 


We are justified,

we are made right with God 

through the faithfulness of Jesus Christ 

who loves us and gave himself for us.


This is the free gift offered to us.

Our role is simply to accept it.



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