Worship this Sunday will be with the new Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Rev Dr Martin Fair, at 10.00 am, available on their webpage: churchofscotland.org.uk. A telephone version of this service is available on 0131 378 7895.       A short service of worship by Rev Dr Jean Kirkwood will be posted on this page at 12.00 noon, and will be available on 01383 669115.

A brilliant wee video for anyone who is missing Sunday School or Messy Church! With many thanks to the team at St Maddan's Church, Troon.

Our church services have moved online and can be viewed here. While we cannot meet together in person, we are united by the wonders of technology and the power of the Holy Spirit.                               The service for each Sunday is posted above from our YouTube channel, and is also available on our Facebook page. The link for the video of "Waterbugs and Dragonflies" by Doris Stickney is https://youtu.be/G-UwLz4tPVc                                                     Please let those who do not have access to the internet know that a shorter version of the service is available for the price of a phone call to the number 01383 669115. They simply dial the number and listen.                                     Some items from the May edition of our church magazine will appear in the bar to the right of this column, above/below this image:                                                                 

Our Mission Statement

Townhill & Kingseat Parish Church seeks to proclaim the grace and mercy of God through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. We also seek to share His amazing grace and love within our Church, and by reaching out into the wider communities.


Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is continually to:

  • Be open in our approach to worship, seeking to ensure that it is relevant to all generations.
  • Live as God's community, caring for one another and serving those in need.
  • Grow in our relationship with God as we meet, pray and study the Bible together, encouraging one another in using their God given gifts and talents.
  • Provide a spiritual home where all are welcome.
  • Engage with the wider community, reaching out to them with the message of Jesus Christ.

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement encouraging Christians around the world to pray between Ascension Day (Thursday 21st) and the Day of Pentecost (Sunday 31st May 2020). As a church, we are committing to pray each day during this ten day period, at 7.00 pm. A prayer app is available from their webpage: thykingdomcome.global

Prayer for today   Day 10  “When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain; and after he sat down, his disciples came to him. Then he began to speak, and taught them.” (Matthew 5:1-2)                                                                  Holy God, on this eve of Pentecost, we rejoice that you sit with us now, teaching us, leading us, changing us, by your Spirit.                                      We pray your blessing upon our world, especially for those places where there is injustice and hatred, unrest and violence, hunger and poverty, illness and death. We confess our own biases and prejudices,  our need to be able to see all people as equals. Teach us what we can do, how we can live, what we can say; how that makes a difference,                                We pray your blessing upon those we love and care for, especially for those friends who don’t know you,  as well as for those who have turned away, or have been rejected by the church. We confess our own poor witness, our spirit of judgement,  our need of forgiveness. Lead us into a place of listening, understanding and welcome.                                 We pray your blessing upon your church,  especially as we seek a way forward in these times of change. We confess our desire for things to remain as they are, our attachment to buildings, our fear for the future, our need of your guidance.       This Pentecost, sweep through us, give us a good clearing out, and change us into the people you would have us be, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Books that may help       


Prayer. by Ben Lance

100 Powerful Prayers to Keep Your Faith in Hard Times 

Put Yourself in the Hands of God. This book provides prayers that you

can pray especially when storms come into your life. In the midst of all painful experiences and hard times, there are prayers that you can pray to the Father and with the help of the Holy Spirit. In order to survive, there must be spiritual preparation. When you build yourself in the foundation of God’s Word and promises, you can find safety, you can find inner peace, and most of all, weather the storm. The 100 powerful prayers in this book will help you get through the trying times of your life.


Thought for the day     Resurrection life is not something we only experience once we die. It is available now. As we die to our old ways, as we  place our trust in Jesus, we can and we will experience new life in the present. A new way of being. As the charity Christian Aid put it a few years ago, "l believe in life before death."

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