Easter Services - 2020

Wishing you joy and peace at this special time

Each household in Kingseat and Townhill receives a specially designed Easter card with the times of all of the services printed inside them. This is an invitation to come along to these special services.


Please note that all Holy Week and Easter services have been cancelled.


Details of this year's Holy Week and Easter Services are shown below for your information:- 

Sunday 5th April             Palm Sunday *
Monday 6th  April            7.00 pm Townhill (TH)
Tuesday 7th April            7.00 pm TH
Wednesday 8th  April            7.00 pm TH
Maundy Thursday 9th April            7.00 pm TH**
Good Friday 10th April  

         7.00 pm Kingseat

         8.00 pm Townhill

Holy Saturday 11th  April  

         Prayer vigil  tbc



Sunday 12th April

 Easter Day Services

Kingseat 9.45 am**

Townhill 11.30 am**

     *   Service times - 9.45am Kingseat and 11.30am Townhill.

Early Morning Service at 7.30 am on Easter Sunday at Townhill Loch, joining with Gillespie Memorial Church.. tbc


** There will be an informal celebration of Communion during the Maundy Thursday service 

and after both services on Easter Sunday.




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Prayer for today


Lord Jesus,

We thank you for coming into this world.

We wonder that you were born as a baby,

that you grew up into adulthood,

that you had a relationship with your parents,

that you are like us.


Within the assurance that you understand all that troubles us,

we bring you our prayers for the world,

and especially today we pray for our young people

who are having to grow up in the midst of a pandemic

We pray for their protection and safety,

that they would know just how important they are to us,

that they would have self-worth.

Help us to listen to them and to learn from them.


As we consider Jesus’ parents

We pray for all who parent children and young people today,

for all who teach them,

for all who are separated from their children.

Bless them in all that they do to care,

especially in these difficult days.


Thought for the day (based on Luke 2:41-52).                                  Luke’s gospel tells us of Jesus’ birth and we wonder that God came to earth as a baby, dependent on his parents for everything. This later story invites us to wonder that Jesus grew up, learned to walk and to talk, discovered what was important to him, went through puberty, argued with his parents, became independent. This is God in human form, living as we live, growing as we grow. How amazing is that!



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