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February Thursday 11 February 2016 Friday 12 February 2016
Spring Friday 25 March 2016 Sunday 10 April 2016
May Day Monday 02 May 2016  


Monday 06 June 2016  
Summer Friday 01 July 2016

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Autumn Friday 0 7 October 2016 Sunday 23 October
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A reflection on suffering (Job 28-42):                                               The book of Job tells us it’s OK to be angry with God. God is big enough to handle our anger. It’s also OK to question God. However, we may not get the answer we are looking for.  God doesn’t explain why Job has suffered so much. Instead God shows Job the wonders of the world. God shows Job one of his favourite creatures Leviathan. A mythical sea monster, or maybe something like a crocodile; but very scary anyway. God is so proud of Leviathan. It is untameable. It is fierce. It is wild. And it is wonderful! Job asks, “Why has this happened to me when I don’t deserve it” and, in effect, God says, “Yes I know, but look at all this fantastic world in which you live! There is so much you don’t understand. There is so much you can’t understand. But isn’t life amazing?!”


Pray for the community


That the threat of illness would help many in society recognise what is truly important in life, and their need for hope in the face of death. Pray for the trypraying banners and bus ads, that these will turn many people to seek God in prayer.


That time in isolation from others would provide an opportunity for non-Christians to reflect, and turn to Christ.


Pray for those who are elderly and vulnerable, for those in care homes, and those who need home care, that they will know God’s healing and peace, and that there would be adequate medical and personal care.  


Pray for the friends and family of those who are ill, that they would be comforted and enabled to care for those affected.


That God’s mercy and power would be seen in the slowing down and eradication of the virus.


Prayer for today


Almighty God,
I praise you for Jesus
who was able to transcend the laws of this universe.
He fed thousands with a small packed lunch.
He healed the sick,
calmed the storm,
walked on water.
He rose from the dead!
I come to you in his name,
because my weary soul is in need of feeding,
of healing, 
of calm,
of wonder.
I need your miraculous power in my life.


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